LinkedIn Networking Academy

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13 students
LinkedIn Networking Academy

Industry leading content that will walk you through set up, optimization, and execution on your LinkedIn profile. The course covers everything from the very basic steps of creating your account, to the delicate nuances of how to network with people you don’t know online.

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by Chris Kirkpatrick
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Chris Kirkpatrick is a former Olympic-level track and field athlete and Top 100 Online Poker Player who took his competitive nature to the business world. A serial entrepreneur, he built his first business at age 22 and expanded it nationally. Since then, he has built teams as Director of Recruiting and Business Development for a Fortune 1000 life insurance company, and oversees a growing private business launch agency. An expert at recruiting, networking, building teams, and later internet marketing, he fell in love with the executive job search space when he joined an exclusive career management firm to consult on a project. Chris saw the profound positive impact the firm was making in their executive client lives every day and wanted to figure out a way to make the information more accessible to the masses. He created CareerNext, partnering with his former client Matt Baechle to write this book, and create a suite of digital products that will help more executives advance their careers using time tested and predictable processes and strategies. Kirkpatrick lives in Chandler Arizona, where he can be found working from his poolside office with his wife and business partner Hannah, playing with his three young children, or off-roading wherever his Wrangler will take him. They enjoy summering in their home state of Vermont to escape the heat. Kirkpatrick is an extreme entrepreneur, and loves coaching individuals toward their own best life.
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Durations: 7 day
Lectures: 29
Maximum Students: 25000
Skill level: beginner