Does Your Personal Branding and Marketing Plan Include…?
  • Award Winning Executive Resume
  • Customized Marketing Plan
  • Customized Company Targeting Plan
  • LinkedIn Course / Coaching
  • Weekly Coaching
  1. Access to all digital products (LinkedIn Networking Academy, Personal Branding Academy, Interview Masterclass)
  2. Access to open office hours webinar weekly for 6 months
  3. 1 hour of coaching per week via phone, Skype, or Zoom for up to 6 months (or when you find your job)
  4. Our team will optimize your LinkedIn profile (content and graphics)
  5. Our team will create and optimize your CV/Resume
  6. Our team will create your Executive Proforma (1 page marketing document essential to your job search success)
  7. Our team will create a customized template for your cover letters
  8. Our team will create a list of ideal companies you would love to work at if there was an opportunity available.
  9. We will also get you contact information for key decision makers inside of each company