Executive Job Search Secrets


The Underground Playbook To Land Your Ideal $100k++ Position Predictably, At The Salary You Deserve, Faster


Your ability to land your next leadership or executive position will be directly correlated to the process and strategies you use to find it. Discover how the pros help their CEO, CFO, CTO/CIO, COO, and CMO clients land positions that are not posted or advertised in the open market.

The landscape of executive search has dramatically changed over the past 30-40 years. At present time, 90%+ of leadership and executive level opportunities are never posted or advertised. Getting in front of decision makers has never been more challenging. Standing out and positioning yourself as the best fit for a position often proves to be even more challenging.

Most qualified candidates spend many hours every week applying online, calling old contacts, and sending inquiries on LinkedIn…only to get few or no real responses, calls, or interviews. Sadly, the average self-driven search takes over a year! If what you thought to be true about your executive job search turned out not to be true, when would you want to know? We are in a massive transition. Technology is changing the way you need to handle your executive search.

Executive Job Search Secrets is the step by step playbook on how to find your ideal executive level job.

If you are looking for a business plan to land your next leadership or executive job, Executive Job Search Secrets will give you the step by step executables to land the job predictably, with the financial package you deserve, faster! A complete manual designed for the senior executive who is seeking the next opportunity, while also wanting to make a greater contribution, to leave a greater legacy, to earn more income and/or a better lifestyle. Also for the up and coming executive ready and qualified to break into the role of CEO, CFO, CTO/CIO, CMO, or any senior position.

This book will teach you:

– Why your resume is NOT as important as you think, – Why you should NOT be sending your resume out as a networking tool, – Why you need to reconsider yourself as a saleable product in the marketplace (much like a pro athlete), – How to find and highlight your competitive advantage to others, – Why your “Executive ROI” is the only real thing good employers care about…and how to develop yours, – Why it's crucial to become proactive in your search and not leave your results in the hands of a recruiter or headhunter, – Why you need, and how to develop a customized Job Search Business Plan, – What you're likely doing wrong in approaching networking, – What to say and NOT to say when networking..how to stop wasting time, and being afraid of not knowing what to say, – How to get through gatekeepers and talk to real decision makers, – How to find positions in the "hidden market" that no recruiter, headhunter, online job board or anyone else even knows about (not kidding), – How to market yourself to be able to change careers (hint: yes, your skills, marketed properly, ARE transferable!), – How to overcome objections, – Best practices for negotiating the best package including income and lifestyle goals…and common pitfalls to avoid that regularly cause executives to leave money and on the table, – and much more!

By the end of the book you will:

– Know how to create your personal brand with a quantifiable “Executive ROI”, – Know how to target the right companies and people- Know how to get in front of them, – Convert those conversations into offers, – Know how to access the hidden job market, – Be a master at the interview process